"Forget everything you think you know. I am here to change the way you think about "shopping". I am BOLD, LOUD, and UNAPOLOGETIC. I believe in treating people with kindness, even if sometimes that means kindly telling someone to F*CK RIGHT OFF. Life is too short to wear boring clothes and shrink yourself to fit into the mold others have created for you. You deserve to be CONFIDENTLY, AUTHENTICALLY you. Fashion is a way to express who you are without speaking; and we're going to help you make an absolute STATEMENT so the world know's your name. Society doesn't get to decide who you are OR what you wear...that's your job queen! I think you're pretty f*cking amazing & it's time to start dressing like it!"

xoxo Katie


President & Founder of Katie May's. SO much has changed over the last 6 years and I am so incredibly PROUD to finally put my name to this brand in 2022. I have spent the majority of my life making myself "less" to make others feel more comfortable. Filtering myself to make sure I didn't offend people. Shrinking my ambitions and goals to make others feel better. NO MORE. Katie May's is me - unfiltered, imperfect, and unapologetic. I want to help you feel stunning & confident; but mostly, I hope shopping at Katie May's makes you feel like YOU.

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